Sell Your Mobile Home To A Real Estate Investor

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Do you need to sell your mobile home but can’t wait 60 days or longer for a Realtor to sell it? Then a real estate investor might be a good option for you. Selling your manufactured home can be a frustrating process for owners who fail to choose the best option. If you have a lien on your property, or maybe you’re in a financial crunch, which caused you to miss several payments, working with a real estate investor might be the best option for you. A real estate investor is a cash buyer that can guarantee closing in less than 30 days which may not be the case when working with agents or trying to sell on your own.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that comes with selling your home to a real estate investor.

1. Sales Happen Faster

When you sell your mobile home to an investor, you may be able to close as fast as 30 days or less. You can save time that you would have otherwise spent engaging a real estate agent and organizing open house events to get an interested home buyer. Also, a fast sale can help you save extra time of waiting to be approved for a loan. A purchase by a cash buyer puts the much-needed cash in your pocket quicker, and relinquishes your responsibility to the home, so that you can handle other urgent needs.

2. It’s Less Stressful

When you sell your mobile home through an agent or by yourself, the home selling process can be stressful and costly. In order to sell your home for a higher price, you may need to do repairs, renovations and home staging which can be costly especially when you don’t have the budget for such expenses. On the other hand, when you work with a real estate investor, you are given a reasonable cash offer to sell your property the way it is without making any repairs or upgrades.

3. You Will Save Money On Repairs

When selling your home, the buyer will request a home inspection report done by a certified home inspector in your area. If there are any necessary repairs uncovered during a home inspection, the seller is required to incur the renovation expenses or lower the asking price of the house. When you are working with a cash buyer, they will give you a discounted rate and handle any repairs themselves, which will not only save money on repairs but also reduce the time taken to seal the deal.

4. You Avoid Paying Commission Fees

When you sell your mobile home through a real estate agent, you will pay commission fees which can go as high as 6% of the home price. Working with a real estate investor saves you commission fees which means you end up with more cash in your pocket after completing the sale. Real Estate Investors can cover all closing fees.

5. It Solves A Difficult Problem

For distressed home sellers, working with a real estate investor maybe the best option because of the quick turnaround time and instant cash. Do you have a high lien balance on your home? Are you at risk of foreclosing? Are you planning to relocate to another area and need to sell fast? Whatever the situation, a real estate investor will give you an offer which will help you solve your current problems.

Cash buyers offer home sellers a quick fix to their financial situation in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking to sell your property within less than a month, contact McBean Realty. We offer a hassle-free home selling process.

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